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our vision

Our vision is that there would be a community of teachers and artists where music is taught, encouraged and applauded as it is expressed in performance both live and recorded.

our mission

Our mission is to provide instruction, space and tools so that music can be shared in a rich creative environment where people of all ages can learn and grow through artistic expression. 

our purpose

Our purpose is to provide the kind of learning that is not common in our world: a quality music education with an emphasis on performance and recording as expressions of the art form within a creative environment that is both safe and family friendly.

our method

Our method is to provide local individual lessons programs enhanced by group classes, band development,  professional clinics, and master classes; to provide performance venues and recording facilities; and to use the internet to create a global community of artists based on our model and values.

our values

Our values are based in the belief that music is one of the most precious resources in our world and that students and musicians of all ages should have access to a music education and the opportunity to express themselves through music.  We believe that every person should be able to pursue such an experience in a safe and family friendly environment so that musicians are not forced to perform in unsafe or unseemly places but rather places where they are understood and fully appreciated.



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