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"We Go To 11!"




We provide the Sierra Nevada foothills with quality music equipment and training. Our staff of long-time musicians are here to provide quality service and support. We sell a variety of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, amps, keyboards, percussion instruments, and PA equipment. We also provide repairs to instruments and consignment services. We have several resident music teachers with decades of experience who specialize in Piano, Keyboard, Drums. Ukulele, Computer based recording, Vocals, and Cello. Stop by today and see our extensive collection. We are gigging musicians serving gigging musicians.



Shop Staff

General Manager Pete Welty has been playing music since his teenage years. He is an expert guitarist and vocalist. Pete is knowledgeable about many instruments and sound equipment. His passion is to help children gain musical independence and is the president of Cyrus Foundation. We have 4 lesson rooms in our store where our teachers are passing on their extensive knowledge.  Pete also handles repairs and setup of acoustic and electric guitars as well as bass guitars. Does your instrument need work? Bring it in and let us take a look.


Sales clerk and Webmaster Tim Grebe has been playing music since his fingers could reach the upright piano keys. Tim is an 'auxiliary musician' starting his formal music education in 4th grade, with the flute and by 6th grade he took up the bassoon, which followed him through college. He picked up guitar, bass, drums and other instruments along the way. Tim is a retired math teacher who taught in Penn Valley for more than 30 years. He also directed musical theater with middle-schoolers. He has a passion for helping people achieve their potential, whether in academics, music or other areas of life. Tim gigs with the Rewind Band, Harmony Happens as well as his church worship band.


John Basa started playing the drums at the age of 13. He served in the United States Army for over 10 years and transitioned into civilian life with a mass of musical knowledge. After his military service, John began to teach. He has made his home at Sound Check Music Center for much of this time. His current musical efforts are with the Dave and the Cool Beans in Grass Valley.  He continues to teach children and adults with a heavy focus on foundation. Contact John at or call (530) 913-3611.

Kenny Steel began his study of classical piano at age 8 and continued until he was 12, at which point his teacher wept from grief when he discontinued lessons. He picked up the guitar at age 10, at which point he began writing music (his dad wrote the lyrics). Kenny earned a degree in Music from California State University at Chico and has been teaching ever since. Kenny teaches guitar piano, voice, bass, composition and music theory in every genre and style. Kenny has played guitar and keyboard with the band 41point9 (find them on Spotify) as well as composed string arrangements for them. He is well-known in the community for his student showcases. Contact him at (yes, it's 'ymail') or (530) 687-2082.

Anne Vaaler has over 35 years of both vocal and choral teaching/performing experience, and has taught students from infant through retirement age.  She believes that the joy of singing belongs to everyone, regardless of skill or purpose. Anne earned her BA in Music/Vocal Performance from Luther College in Iowa, and then studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco State University, where she earned her CA teaching credential in music. Anne will be accepting new students beginning in April 2023.  She can be contacted at or 530-210-0138

Franzie Ryerson has been teaching 'cello and orchestral strings on the East Coast and more recently in California after getting degrees in music and teaching. She was the director of the orchestral program in the Weston Connecticut School District, the Danby Music Center, Summer Strings and the Connecticut Conservatory. Throughout her musical career, she has been a member of several orchestras and chamber ensembles. In addition to her musical involvements, Franzie enjoys reading, lap swimming, Qigong and Tai Chi. Contact Info: email - Phone: (landline - no texts) - 530 265-4358.
Alex Scribner is a Nevada County-based multi-instrumentalist with styles ranging from jazz to experimental punk, classic rock, blues and more. Though he performs as a bassist in his performing acts, he is a notable guitarist and pianist. He is credited as an excellent and patient communicator as well as a teacher who uses synesthesia for a personal and fun musical exploration. (530) 798-9700


"A true community gem dedicated to the needs of our local community of musicians!"

-David Marquez

Google Review

"Awesome one on one customer service"

-Michael Roberts

Google Review

"I'd highly recommend them to anyone who needs parts or repairs in the Sierra Foothills. It's worth the drive from as far as Sacramento or Reno. I drive from SF for service. Check, check, 1-2-3?"

-Adam X.

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